Get lost in a place far from home. Play as your own warrior cat, and find your destiny. (Warriors belongs to Erin Hunter, and I am gaining no money off of this site)
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PostSubject: Rules (READ BEFORE CONTINUING)   Sat Nov 27, 2010 9:23 pm

1. No sexual content. AT ALL. You can do that all you want in PM, but none on the forums.
2. NO GODMODDING. All godmodders will be dealt with swiftly and severely. There will be no mercy.
3. NO METAGAMING. All metagamers will be dealt with swiftly and severely. There will be no mercy.
4. Please limit your cursing. There may be children frequenting this site, so spare them.
5. If you are going to make more than one account, you MUST PM me.
6. Be nice, for StarClans' sake! If your character is insulting someone else's character, then fine. If it is a personal attack to someone else, you will be cautioned, and possibly banned.
7. NO STALKING (RL Related) ALLOWED. If I get a report and evidence of you stalking someone, I will ban you. I have absolutely NO tolerance for this, and my wrath WILL be felt.
8. Have fun! The whole purpose of this is to have a release from every day life.
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